Top Five: Most Annoying Female Literary Characters (Part 1)

I’m nerdy enough to say that without a doubt books were my first friend. Which is probably why still today I fall in love so easily with fictional characters even if they are 1000-year-old half-vampire/half-werewolves (equals full sexy). But back to the topic, I was a bit of loner with much-older siblings and all of my friends living out of the area and we didn’t have DSTV so TV for kids ended at like 2pm when the soapies reruns start, so I started reading. Many of my books were gifts or my sister’s old books so I indulged in the classics – Little Women, What Katy Did, Pollyanna, Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl. Mostly there would be a character that I would relate to – another young girl who was terribly shy and would escape to the magical world of books etc. – but every now and then there would be a character who would literally make me want to pull my hair out strand for strand because they were so super annoying.

As I got older the characters just got worse and so I present to you my totally subjective list of top 5 most annoying female literary characters:

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