Fanfiction made me believe in love again

Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy. There’s only one way for this story to go, right? Wrong. So while a very popular television has been on hiatus I have seen my favorite couple on said series fall in love many different times, in different time periods, speaking different languages, in different genres, all through the magic of fan fiction.


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A few words about an amazing man

I don’t think there was another person who played such a big role in the lives of all six of us than Uncle Melvyn. When we had moments of happiness, sadness, pain, he was always the first person we turned to and it hurts so much for us right now that such a large part of our hearts and our family is no longer with us.
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Five Saddest TVD Deaths

We have had almost a month to sit and stew about the repercussions of the last episode and the loss of yet another favorite character. The Vampire Diaries writers have no qualms about killing off characters that have found their place in the hearts of the viewers. Here is our list of the most important and most heart-breaking deaths on the show. Deaths that have made us gasp, bawl, clutch onto the nearest surface for support, and sworn we would never get over.

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Mystic Falls Survival Guide

Summer is coming up and many travelers are looking for a new and different place to spend their vacation. If you are looking to relocate or visit the picturesque small town of Mystic Falls in Virginia, you would be advised to heed my warnings. Although fairly quaint and average-looking, Mystic Falls has seen it’s fair share of casualties, disappearances and suspicious animal attacks, there is also the strange phenomenon that 95% of the the civilians are incredibly good-looking (sucks for the other 5%).

So if, against my better judgement, you still decide to take the journey down to ole Mystic Falls here are a few tips to make sure that you leave alive and unscathed.

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Five Reasons You Should Watch The Carrie Diaries


One of the most-talked about pilots of the CW midseason schedule has been the Sex and the City prequel series “The Carrie Diaries.” Whereas purists of the original series have scoffed at the idea of Carrie Bradshaw living outside of the world of HBO and Mr. Big, the CW has given the heroine of the popular series, a makeover for a new generation. Here are five reasons to let this promising series fill the Gossip Girl-shaped hole in your heart.

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The Grace Period

A blog I wrote for Groupon South Africa during my time as a Website Administrator:

The Grace Period › Groupon South Africa Blog.

Being a newbie always means that you are given a grace period in which to adapt to the new environment, observe the locals, their language, their habits. The grace period is usually the time when you’re allowed to make comments like “Justin Bieber is the best entertainer of modern times” while the locals shake their heads in disbelief, and muttering , “Don’t worry she’s new”.

The grace period is also a time in which you can reinvent yourself, break away from the earthling you previously you were and become the fabulous person you’ve always wanted to be.  Immigrating to the mothership is difficult as an earthling – to break away from Earth’s uniform of black and grey and to embrace the goddess of The Mothership: colour.

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The Steak Files

Second blog post at Groupon South Africa:

The Steak Files › Groupon South Africa Blog.

You can tell a lot about people by the way they take their steaks. Not just in the manner in which they eat them, although those that simply grab the steak off the plate with their mouths and chow down as if it is their last meal should not be your first choice as dinner guests, but in the way that they like their steaks cooked.

Most earthling restaurants give you one of three options: rare, medium and well done – whilst many patrons like to mix things up a bit by ordering combinations of two, most people fall within one of these categories. So when you are trying to size up a potential date or best bud watch how they take their steak for possible warnings:

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