Top 5: Epic TV Show Couples


With all the TV shows ending for the season (and some forever) I decided to return to this my lonely blog to profess my undying love for the epicness of TV show couples. What I enjoy about TV show couples compared to those in movies is that in movies we only see a snippet of their lives together but in TV shows you see it all in detail – what they were before they were together, how they got together, their problems, their fears, the break-ups and the make-ups, all in technicolor glory. For me, an epic couple is not just one that is together on the show but one where love defeats all, one that has been through hell and back but their love is what saves them (you get the just). They’re the couples that make your insides twist with emotion, making you smile with elation when they finally get together or when the one just looks at the other in a pleasing way…This list on some of the most epic TV couples of the last 30 years was compiled with the help of some people on Facebook:

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