Town Bans Beauty Pageants and It Makes A Hella Lot of Sense


We’re still on the high from Miss South Africa winning Miss World and while it’s good exposure and a well deserved achievement for a beautiful, smart woman like Rolene Strauss, the news about the town of Chilvilcoy, Argentina who decided to ban beauty pageants enticed me much more.

But what makes Chilvilcoy so different to other towns? Nothing really, it has approximately 60 000 people and is a soy farming town, but within this town they agreed unanimously to do away with the outdated competition.

Those who backed this decision justified that such pageants were based on stereotypes and unrealistic ideals and encouraged eating disorders.

“Beauty is not quantifiable. Therefore, to qualify and organise a competition based on this is discriminatory and violent,” they said.

In place of this, they will be holding a pageant for women between the ages of 15 to 30, where they will be judged by how much they do for the community.

While it could be argued that beauty pageants also honor women who do philanthropic projects or who are intelligent, what is the point of the beauty aspect in the modern world? Is that not why we have careers like modelling and acting so that people can money off their looks, is there a really a need for beauty queens? Is it true that young women should be given as many honors as they can get for achievements, but why pour resources to award them for their looks, something that is genetic and which they had physically did nothing to achieve when those resources could be awarded to them for sports, cultural activities, academic awards and scholarships and philanthropic duties which they have done without aiming for a crown. Women today are so diverse, so resourceful, are worthy to be valued for more than just being pretty and pageants should be adjusted accordingly.

John Oliver argues against pageants the best in the video below:

Reference: The Telegraph UK



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