Jennifer Lawrence finally being paid more than her male co-stars



With an Oscar win, various other Oscar nominations, two successful franchises in The Hunger Games and X-men under her belt, Jennifer Lawrence is finally being valued above that of her less accomplished male co-stars.

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A Now His Watch Has Ended – Game of Thrones 5×10 Review

The most shocking moment for me wasn’t the Julius Caesar-esque ‘For the watch’ moment, it was the fact that after a season of ‘wtf’ and ‘meh’ I finally enjoyed an episode. Perhaps it was the very episodic nature of it, perhaps it is because a lot of action that we’ve been waiting for happened, perhaps it’s the numerous deaths, perhaps it’s the fact that we’re left on cliffhangers that not even I, as a book reader, know the outcome of.

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**Spoilers below, obviously.

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5 Reasons Why the Princess Diaries Series is A Timeless Classic

One of the pinnacle points of being a 90’s kid is the sense of nostalgia permeating everything, there has to a reason why there has been so many reboots and remakes over the past couple of years – we eat those things like breakfast cereal. So it was no surprise to me that the release of the new Princess Diaries book this past week had me fangirling almost as much as if the Spice Girls announced another reunion *holding thumbs*.

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Dear Me – It’s Doesn’t Pay to Be Regina George

My letter written for the Discarded Letters to My Teen Self project!

Discarded Letters to my Teen self

Dear Me,

I know that right now, you are a giant ball of insecurity, sadly that’s not going to change much but it does get better –  you get uncapped wifi.

In all your diary entries and musings, you have discovered that even though you might feel as if your appearance does not measure up to the other girls around you, or you might not be as smart or popular, the one thing you do embrace is your fast thinking and sense of humour. But sometimes you tend to use your powers for evil rather than good, putting down those around you in order to make you feel better about yourself.

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