Wednesday’s Woman Crush of the Week: Emma Watson


Could there be any other receipient of this honor this week, than Emma Watson? Nope I don’t think so.

By now you must have seen the video of her U.N. speech, but if not, check it out here:

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Why South Africa Needs the #YesAllWomen Campaign

The tragedy of the mass shooting in California and the #YesAllWomen campaign has brought the misogynistic culture of Americans to the forefront. But this is not just an affliction that is germane only to American culture, but to all cultures and especially here in South Africa. A country where rape is the order of the day, where young women are constantly judged by the way they dress, where a women being beaten into a pulp by her husband is responded by the question, “What did she do to deserve it?” This is a culture which should be listening to what all these women in the world are saying and need to start shifting their mindsets instead of just placating the monster.

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Little More Mad Men, Little Less Bridget Jones

The tight pencil skirt which has graced the wardrobe of most females has one wistfully thinking of the fashions of postwar 1940s to early 1950s, where the power of women were emerging as they took over the work force whilst the men fought in the war. Even in the famous “We Can Do It” poster, I can help but admire the lovely shirt that the woman is wearing. We can say what we want but those women had style.


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